UandV - Careers

At U&V we recognize a half of our success comes from the varied those that have contributed to our website. We are looking for efficient people who want to grow up with our project and figure a true market team and the atmosphere is the start-up. 

Who are we looking for? 

We looking to hire a PHP-Yii framework developer and Mobile app Developer. We need a smart and senior experienced. We need those Developers who will guarantee the quality of testing team software deliverable along with product usability. You will be the part of a testing team. The unit testing will be done by developers. We space unit constantly wanting for nice and supported peoples for us to growing U&V.

If opportunity and potential for impact are vital to you then  is a good work. We are looking for who are focused on finding a company that permits them to learn, grow, and has a direct impact on our business.

If you don’t see  a position listed that matches your qualifications, however, feel you would be a good fit based on our essential values and think  you can make a distinction in our business, send your resume with a cover letter to

Our Essential Values:
  • We love what we are doing and we tackle to be the very best at what we do. Our work is a part of who we are.
  • We believe in ourselves and our colleagues responsible. We deliver on our guarantees. We cheer up the open sharing of concepts and intensity discussion. We create selections based mostly on information and benefits.
  • We’re always thinking concerning however we can improve, we don’t merely settle for the standing quo. We have calculated risks, learn from our faults and grow in our success.
  • We treat folks and ideas with respect, we have to get pleasure from the individuals and we succeed as a team.
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